All Batto-do authorization and promotion requirements are granted exclusively by Guy Power, Renshi, seventh dan. As such, promotions are recognized in Japan, in association with the International Batto-Do Federation to advance the arts of Nakamura Ryu and Toyama Ryu.

Please note: Kamishin Ryu promotional requirements do not mandate that a student train in the Nakamura/Toyama Ryu methods. Therefore, this training is purely "extra curricular".

Petit sensei has trained with Guy Power, Renshi, seventh dan. Guy Power is a disciple of Nakamura Taizaburo (1912-2003) sensei. Nakamura sensei, Hanshi tenth dan Toyama Ryu Iaido, was the founder of Nakamura Ryu Batto-do and the leader of the International Batto-Do Federation. Iaido is a modern form of Japanese swordsmanship, while Batto-do equally emphasizes combat effectiveness, self-cultivation, and test cutting of objects. Both disciplines are designed to cultivate the mind and body through the use of the sword.

Power sensei has received a Renshi title/license, a seventh dan in Toyama Ryu and an okuden certificate of proficiency in Nakamura Ryu Batto-do. In 1994, he received a densho (a classical catalog of a ryu's techniques commonly given as a type of high level diploma) from the founder of Nakamura Ryu. He is one of only 50 people in history, and he is the only non-Japanese, to have received this honor from Nakamura Taizaburo sensei. Guy Power lived and trained in Japan for five years and was appointed by Nakamura sensei, before returning to the states at that time, to head the International Batto-Do Federation in the USA.

As of this writing, Power sensei has retired from martial arts but continues to offer assistance and support to Petit sensei .

Nakamura Sensei
A few photographs of Nakamura sensei as well as Power sensei.