Suspect Kamishinkai Document

Over the years a number of documents have been attributed to Albert C. Church as the creator.
Some documents have been blatent forgeries and others have been modified to present the
individual's desired results. When these documents are carefully examined they do not stand up to scrutiny.

One such document is shown below. This document has been used in the past to support claims to inheritor rights of Kamishin Ryu.

What follows is a detailed analysis provided by
Guy Power, Renshi seventh dan
Toyama Ryu/Nakamura Ryu Batto-Do
USA Representative of the International Batto-do Federation

The Zen Kamishinkai Chart
This is merely an org chart, not a letter of transmission, nor recognition of transmission. It is not dated, signed, or stamped
for authenticity. Anybody could have inserted those changes.

"Kaicho is not the same as a Soke"; and "transmission cannot be inferred merely because someone is a sub-organization kaicho."

Lined out names and pen/ink changes do not have a signature from Mr. Church verifying authenticity, nor are they in Mr. Church's

The pen/ink changes on the org chart are made by either
(1) a left handed person, or
(2) a right handed person writing on a left slant. Mr. Church wrote
on a right slant. Note: See examples detailed below.

The Board of Directors names are all in a different handwriting than Church sensei's. Regardless, that does not make a "soke" by

Handwriting excerpts from Kamishinkai Chart above.

Handwriting excerpts below from verified documents produced by Albert C. Church.